The Rhinodillo

This here fella is my Rhinodillo, he’s a mutated hybrid of you guessed it, a rhino and an armadillo. While I’m busy working on my Mumm-Ra figure, (which thanks to class I haven’t had much time for the last few days) I decided to share some of my earlier classwork.

This creature came about as a class assignment in which we had to create a hybrid creature from animals already in nature and it had to be from just one mesh, no additional subtools or merging of meshes allowed.

I started off by box modeling the basic shape in Maya then once the silhouette was nailed it was off to Zbrush for sculpting.

I intended to add eyes after the assignment so I could use spheres for the eyeballs and really get them nice and detailed for a high res render at some point, so unfortunately, right now he’s quite blind.

I did have quite a few missteps and mistakes in working on this guy but since I learned some pretty important workflow lessons from those mistakes so it was a total negative. I definitely would have preferred to break that armor up into pieces and really get to work on each individual slate, maybe I’ll come back and revise him at a later date. I like him though, there’s a lot of back story in the damage to his armor, as well as his armored whip tail that can be used in close quarters combat when he can’t use one of his horns to gore an opponent. There’s no post on this one as well, just a normal Keyshot render to try to capture all the work in each crease and crevice. As always, hope you guys out there enjoy and let me know what you think!

Mumm-Ra Process

This is just a lil progress report on how my Mumm-Ra statue is going and how I got there.


Starting with a low poly base mesh created in both Maya & ZBrush (sorry I forgot to document that step, I wont forget next time) I decided to isolate and work on the face first.

The mouth wasn’t quite right so I opened it up and moved the teeth around a bit. Using the Dam Standard brush I etched in where I wanted the major wrinkles to go. The tongue was also refined and re-positioned a bit.

Using the Clay Buildup brush, I started to give the face some fullness to really make those initial details pop. I’m not worried about the geometry here since I’ll be smoothing it out soon, whats important is nailing the look at this point.

So I smoothed out the rough geometry and went to work on the teeth and gums. I really wanted a rotted yuck mouth effect so I chipped up the teeth and knocked a few out, in addition to really messing the gums up with the Fracture brush.

With the teeth where I wanted them, I went back to the face to push the mouth around a bit and widen his ‘grin’. I think it livened his expression up a lot.

At this point the emperor had no clothes, so it was time to make them. Back in Maya I just put together the basic shapes without worrying about the detail, as I get better with Maya I’d like to do more of this step in Maya but the latest updates to ZBrush may make that a waste of time.

Most of the major pieces are in place at this point, now its just time to clean his accessories up. Before getting to that though, I start carving in the major muscle separation I’m going for. I’ll come back to that later, but I like to keep a clear view of where I’m going with the musculature at all times.

Cleaning up the helmet and refining the edges, cant have them too sharp since I’ll be beating them up later.

Everything is smoothed out and fitted, time to go back to the body now and begin refining the musculature.


Well that’s all I’ve got for now, hope you guys like these kinds of updates, I’ll see you in a few days with some more.

Skeletor Victorious

Just decided to throw these two together this morning for fun and to get a look at how they match up together. Image created in Maya, Zbrush and Keyshot (with a compositing assist from PS)

Digital Painting in Photoshop

So this was done in today’s digital painting class. We were given several examples of sculptures to interpret through painting, I chose this muscular bust since it reminded me the most of something ‘superhero-like’. I’m still new to actually digital painting in Photoshop but I kinda dig this one, lemme know what you think.

Painted Marble Bust

Last minute Inktober submissions.

So inked images with the hashtag #inktober have been popping up everywhere lately, from Tumblr to Pinterest. I’ve been kinda swamped with school but we had a project that allowed us to kinda do what we wanted and I chose to work in straight up india ink on bristol board. The work had to have a centralized theme and I chose one I think most people will recognize, enjoy!









Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider

Had these Copics forever but this was the first time putting em to use, not exactly how I envisioned it but I like it. I’ll drop this in PS later to punch up the colors.


Avengers Assemble #13 x In-Hyuk Lee



Cable and X-force 5 Leinil Francis Yu variant

Yu gotta like tis!




Avengers big 3: Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America

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